Stella Adams was born in Winnsboro, South Carolina, but grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a product of the Baltimore public school system, having graduated from Carver Vocational Technical High School as a business major.   Despite the vocational training, Stella decided to go to college, and matriculated at Morgan State University (Morgan State College at the time) where she majored in history.  Upon graduation, though she had planned to teach high school social studies, the Federal Government presented a more attractive offer.

Stella worked for the Federal Government in a number of analytical, human resources, staff, and managerial positions for over 30 years, retiring as a mid-level executive. In addition to numerous awards, she earned a master’s degree from Towson State University and graduated from a number of executive development programs during her government tenure.

In her leisure time, Stella has pursued a number of activities. They include:  a short stint as a model with a Baltimore/Washington cultural arts group; singing with a 24-member choir that participated in Jerusalem 3000, a Christmas celebration of international choirs singing in Israel; and as the photo double for journalist and PBS newscaster, Gwen Ifill, in the HBO movie, Game Change.  In addition, Stella is active in her church and local community association.

She is married and has two sons, one of whom is also a writer, the other an architect. In addition, she has two delightful granddaughters, who are the joy of her life.

Over the years Stella has written plays, short stories, professional articles, and poetry, and is the author of two novels: Heavy Is the Rain , and Beneficial Life; a play based on Heavy is the Rain, and a chapbook, entitled “Musings of a Poet Wannabe.”


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